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About Querbie

Querbie [kwer-bi] offers an alternative to the traditional text search for images that uses an image and not textual expression, also known as visual search. Instead of describing with words what you need an image for - we leave that to other popular search engines - in Querbie you search with the image you need the answer for. In addition, our search engine not only returns similar and/or exact matches but also gives you tools to further refine the search. So give it a try, we think it's quite fun to search like this!

Querbie searches only with images that are JPG, JPEG, GIF or PNG format. At any time you can either drag an image to the Search box, which we lovingly call the Q-box, or browse for the image by clicking inside the Q-box. The best experience of our technology is ensured with the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome web browsers and, to an extent, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

Querbie is an idea that has been in the making for more years than we can admit (blush)... From its humble beginnings as an offline solution for home use it gradually transformed itself into a web technology. Then, in April 2013, we officially opened it for public use.

Here are just few ideas on why to use Querbie and we're sure you can think of many other. For example, when replacing a beloved household item (table, chair, plate, vase, etc.), testing the uniqueness of a design, finding the name of that nasty bug that chose to live in your lawn, simply use its picture and feed it to Querbie. This is how we think the modern image search should be.

And while you're trying Querbie... please be patient with us. As we are growing the Querbie index, more and more relevant results will start to appear. We have seriously rolled up our sleeves and continue to work tirelessly to make Querbie even more valuable for you, your family and friends. Please do share your ideas and experience. We'll monitor contact@querbie.com for your feedback.

Thank you for stopping by!



Partner with Querbie or add a website to Querbie's index

For those of you who have an innovative idea about partnering with Querbie, please click on contact@querbie.com and we'll respond promptly.

Querbie's index is open and you can suggest a website for our bots to crawl and then be added to the index. Simply provide us the URL in an email to contact@querbie.com and we'll do the rest.



For starters, you need an image in JPG, JPEG, GIF or PNG format. Drop and release the image in the Q-box. When you release, make sure Q-box's contours are red as this means that Querbie is ready to accept the dropped content. Thereafter, the magical process of the Querbie search begins.

In the results page, next to your image query, we created a workbench with few options to manipulate your search. From the top dropdown menu you can select various degrees of result relevance. Or you can let Querbie use automatic precision filters to hone in on objects inside your query image and find better results. The last option lets you select an area of your choice from the query image and search with it.

On the results page you can continue to use drag. Drag images to the Q-box from everywhere - the search results, search history or desktop. Alternatively, to use Browse, simply click inside the Q-box. This experience is slightly different by browser but the results are always the same. And since we mentioned browsers, please keep in mind that to fully enjoy Querbie you need their latest versions. Querbie supports FF, Chrome, IE, Opera and Safari.

Sometimes Querbie will display an error message. For example, if you drop an image that Querbie can't understand, it'll display a notification about its struggles.. We've made these messages short yet informative enough to help you with the subsequent steps. However, if you require more help, directions or in rare cases of grave technical difficulties, please email us at contact@querbie.com. We’re always happy to help.